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Enjoy the water, protect your hair

Non-toxic haircare that preps + repairs hair from chlorine, salt, and hard water damage.


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Swim Collection Bundle Deal
Swim Collection Bundle Deal Sale priceFrom $45.00
Pre-Swim Hair Prep (Step 1)Pre-Swim Hair Prep (Step 1)
Pre-Swim Hair Prep (Step 1) Sale priceFrom $16.00
Chlorine Removal Shampoo (Step 2)Chlorine Removal Shampoo (Step 2)
Chlorine Removal Shampoo (Step 2) Sale priceFrom $16.00
Post Swim Leave-In-Conditioner (Step 3)Post Swim Leave-In-Conditioner (Step 3)

Chlorine Damage?

Chlorine removes your natural oils leaving your hair damaged, dry and rough. The chemical reaction that occurs often times changes the natural color, causing the ends to split and weakening the strands.

Protecting your hair prior to swimming with products designed to hydrate and seal in moisture helps to dramatically reduce the effects of chlorine.


Pre-Swim Hair Prep (step 1)

For best results- Pre rinse hair with fresh water before applying all over to help lock in moisture prior to swimming. (Can be applied to dry hair)

Chlorine Removal Shampoo (step 2)

Rinse hair well with fresh water before applying shampoo all over. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
Follow up with conditioner.

Post Swim Leave-In-Conditioner (step 3)

Apply to wet hair after applying shampoo + conditioner. For fine hair textures, avoid applying to direct root area.

I can't wait for this collection to come back! It was a game changer for my girls hair last summer.

Jen B.

Meet The Founder

"My story from behind the chair to clean beauty formulator ...."

"Choosing clean, non-toxic products wasn't a choice for me, it was a necessity. With a laundry list of of new found allergies, I knew there had to be a better way.

-Lauren Rowley

(Master Stylist + Bella Hue Founder)