Our Story

After working as a stylist in Houston for over 16 years Lauren’s health took a toll. As a type 1 diabetic since the age of 7, she’s unfortunately no stranger to autoimmune issues, but when she suddenly had severe joint pain and became allergic to most of the products she was using in the industry, she knew she needed to take a better look at what she was putting on her body and the body of her clients.

After endless tests, doctors appointments and physical therapy, Lauren was told to simply “stop using beauty products” and to consider a career change.  As a woman, and a stylist this did not go over well with her so she began to experiment with clean beauty ingredients to try and find substitutes for the products she had become so accustomed to using. Dry shampoo was the one thing she knew she needed back in her life, like STAT!

The bar was set high and she didn’t just want to make a product that would work, but one that would work better than what she had used before, without all the crazy chemicals. After a few months, and many failed attempts, Lauren finally created their first product, Bella Hue cleaner-than-clean dry shampoo.

COVID19 hit a few weeks later and she was forced to make the tough, but necessary decision to quit doing hair for her own health and safety. She then hit the ground running and has since poured everything she has into building her brand. Lauren’s always had a passion for hair and educating clients, but this experience has taught her so much more about herself. She’s been blown away by all the support and on a mission to continue to create pure salon quality hair care that not only works better, but is better for you too.