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I was very skeptical I would like this. I've tried other shampoo bars and they left my hair feeling disgusting, but I LOVE this shampoo bar

Teal K.

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Eco Shampoo + Protein BarEco Shampoo + Protein Bar
Eco Shampoo + Protein Bar Sale price$14.50
Conditioner Bar
Conditioner Bar Sale price$14.00
Restorative Shampoo (For Dry/Color Treated Hair)Restorative Shampoo (For Dry/Color Treated Hair)
Restorative Conditioner (For Dry/Color Treated Hair)Restorative Conditioner (For Dry/Color Treated Hair)
Clarifying Shampoo (For Oily/Itchy Scalp)Clarifying Shampoo (For Oily/Itchy Scalp)
Clarifying ConditionerClarifying Conditioner
Clarifying Conditioner Sale priceFrom $22.00
Sold out
NEW- Daily Cleanser Shampoo (For All Hair Types)NEW- Daily Cleanser Shampoo (For All Hair Types)
Sold out
NEW- Daily Conditioner (For Daily Washers)
Scalp + Hair MaskScalp + Hair Mask
Scalp + Hair Mask Sale priceFrom $18.00
Save $3.00
Restore + Repair Hair Mask
Restore + Repair Hair Mask Sale price$36.00 Regular price$39.00
Travel Shampoo Bar HolderTravel Shampoo Bar Holder
*NEW* Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Holder

Pure & Simple

Why ditch the sulfates?

Sulfates open the cuticle of your hair shaft in order to strip away oils and dirt, leaving your hair and scalp dry and irritated.

For those with color-treated hair, sulfates can also strip and dull your hair color.