How to Protect Your Hair From Pool + Beach Water

How to Protect Your Hair From Pool + Beach Water

Spring Break is upon us and Summer will be here before we know it. This means soaking up the sun with friends and family and spending time at the pool and beach. All that fun in the sun can sometimes result in hair damage. The pool water packs a punch with chlorine and other chemicals that are extremely harsh on the hair. Saltwater, while natural and chemical free, can really dry the hair out. Thankfully there are stylist tips and tricks to help protect the hair and keep your locks looking healthy all spring and summer long. 

Never jump in with dry hair.

This is the most important step in protecting your hair from damage caused by pool and beach water. Always pre-rinse your hair prior to getting in the water. If you get in the water with dry hair, the hair follicles will act as sponge – absorbing all that liquid right up.

Additionally, it’s helpful to take it a step further by applying a hair oil, as oil and water don’t mix. Applying a hair oil to your ends will protect your hair and prevent your color from fading or even turning green from the chlorine.

Braid it.

Braiding your hair before you get in the water will not only help to cut down on the post dip hair knots, but it’ll also help to protect the hair as well. 

Apply a weekly hair mask.

Applying a weekly hair mask will help to restore the proteins and elasticity to your locks.

Always rinse your hair afterwards.

Chlorine and the sun just don’t mix. This is where the color fade and green hair can really come in to play so be sure to rinse your hair ASAP after getting out of the pool.

The same goes for saltwater; always be sure to rinse your hair after a day at the beach. Saltwater dries out the hair and scalp and can strip it of all its moisture, leaving it damaged and dehydrated.

Reset the pH in your hair.

We can’t stress enough that chlorine will strip your hair of its natural oils, which can result in dry, damaged hair and even cause chemical reactions within the hair. You can make a homemade apple cider vinegar treatment to restore the pH balance of your hair and combat any reactions. Simply mix ¼ apple cider vinegar to ¾ filtered water and pour the treatment over your hair after conditioning to help restore shine and reset pH.

Fun in the water doesn’t have to result in dry, damaged hair. Apply these simple steps to your routine and give your hair the extra TLC it deserves during the warmer months.

Which is your favorite, the beach or the pool? Let us know in the comments below.





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