Top 5 Ways to Go Longer Between Washes

Top 5 Ways to Go Longer Between Washes

Let’s face it: These days we are all busy juggling between the laundry, kids, work, and a social life (if you even have time for that). The last thing we want to add to our to-do list is washing our hair daily. Plus, over shampooing your hair creates a supply and demand effect on your scalp: The more your strip your natural oils, the more oil you will create. That’s why it’s important to learn the proper hair washing and styling techniques to stretch your days between washes.

Here are our top five ways to cut down on washes:

Shampoo your hair twice

You know how the bottle says rinse and repeat? Yeah, start doing that! You’ll notice a huge difference once you try this. Shampooing twice will help to remove buildup and excess oils. Just make sure you are using a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates will dry out your hair and scalp and cause your color to fade.

Follow up with conditioner on the ends of the hair only, not the roots. Rinse well with warm water (not hot!).

Apply dry shampoo to clean hair

Stop waiting for your hair to get overly oily to apply your dry shampoo. Start applying it to your day one, clean hair, preferably at night before bed, to help pre-absorb oils and prevent that dreaded grease ball look. Be sure to use an aerosol-free dry shampoo to avoid toxic ingredients that will dry out and irritate your hair.

Don’t over brush

Overbrushing your hair at the scalp can stimulate your hair follicles and create more oils. Try using a boar bristle brush to help redistribute oils to ends where hair tends to be dryer.

Add curls

Oiliness is more noticeable when hair is straight. Adding some curls to your hair will help give more body and avoid that flat, greasy look.

Choose the right products

Avoid heavy, oil-based products or products that claim to help “add shine”. Look for products meant to create volume and add texture.

How long do you typically go between washes? Let us know your record stretch in the comment section below.


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