5 Pro Stylist Tips for Fighting Hair Static

5 Pro Stylist Tips for Fighting Hair Static

Whether you live in a dryer climate or are in the thick of the winter months, static electricity in the hair can be a real pain. The problem is electric charges don’t flow through water, so the lack of humidity typically found in winter months makes hair static more prominent. Thankfully, by taking a proactive approach, with these five steps, you can keep static at bay and enjoy silky smooth hair all year long.

Hydrate those locks

Hydration is key in the winter months. A great way to lock in the moisture is by applying a hair mask to your ends at least once a week. We recommended leaving the mask on for as long as possible to reap the maximum benefits. When you know it’s a hair wash day, apply the mask to your ends several hours before you plan on washing. You can pull the hair back in a loose bun with a silk scrunchie and go about your day. You can even apply the mask before bed for an overnight treatment and wash the next morning.

Keeping those ends oiled up on a regular basis will not only provide silky soft hair, but it will also cut down on frizz.

Ditch the plastic bristles 

With so many different types of brushes on the market, it can be hard to know which ones will work best for your hair. You’ll want to make sure to avoid brushes with plastic bristles. That’s because plastic creates a positive charge, causing strands to repel against each other, thus causing static electricity. Bamboo combs are a great option as bamboo is neutral and will reduce the charge in your hair.

Check your dryer

Blow dryers are another product line that yields many options (and many different price tags!) One important factor in choosing the right blow dryer is to look for one that is Ionic. Ionic blow dryers admit negative ions that separate the water molecules in your hair strands, which will lead to less drying time and less static.

Remember to apply a heat protectant to your ends before blow drying to prevent damage. 

Check your material

You may find it surprising to hear that the fabrics you wear can affect the static in your hair. Nylon and polyester, for example, will ramp up the static factor quick. Try to opt for clothing and hats that are made from more natural fibers like cotton, wool or silk.

Don’t forget to check your pillowcase! When you lay your head down at night, make sure to use a silk pillowcase. Cotton and synthetic pillowcases cause hair friction and lead to bed head and frizz. A silk pillowcase will help to lock in that moisture you’ve worked so hard to put back into your hair.

Use a humidifier

A humidifier will be your best friend in the dry months. Not only will this help eliminate some of the static from your hair, but it will also help your skin feel more hydrated in the cold winter months. 

Making these small changes to your winter hair routine can make a big difference. 

If you’ve tried any of these, let us know in the comments below.





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