Cleansing Cream (Face)

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Our gentle daily cleansing cream effortlessly removes even the most stubborn make-up without drying or irritating your skin. Our blend of lightweight oils and Aspen bark extract contains an important compound called salicin, which exhibits potent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic actions. As a result, it can help to alleviate chronic skin conditions like acne and eczema

Key Benefits 

  • Protects and preserves skin barrier
  • Fragrance Free
  • Perfect for eczema / sensitive skin
  • Won't dry out or aggravate skin
  • Easily removes makeup with out harsh rubbing
Feeling extra oily and not sure this is the right fit for you? Try our Clarifying Activated Charcoal Bar instead.


When to use?

Step 1- Cleanse with Cleansing cream or Activated Charcoal Bar

Step 2- Soothe and reset PH with Rose water toner (alcohol free)

Step 3- Apply 2-5 drops of balancing oil to hydrate

Step 4- Apply Blue tansy oil to help soothe sensitive skin + fight acne

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Pure + Simple


New Formula- Distilled Water, Btms 25, Camillia Seed Oil, Honeyquat PF, Panthenol, GeoGard ECT