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Bella Hue

Cleaner-Than-Clean Dry Shampoo

Cleaner-Than-Clean Dry Shampoo

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Hate the way typical dry shampoos make your hair feel? This one's for you! Our #1 best selling, stylist created dry shampoo was formulated to give that first day wash feeling without leaving any funky feel, white haze, or buildup left behind! Choose between our tin and brush method or aerosol free pump bottle (same great formula)


  • Developed and tested by professional hairstylist
  • Long lasting (up to 6x longer than a traditional aerosol dry shampoo)
  • No white haze left behind
  • Easy/controlled application that allows you to apply only where you need it.
  • Approved for all hair colors and textures
  • Extends the life of your color and helps promote healthier/longer hair
  • Formulated with kaolin and bentonite clay designed to help soothe and detox the scalp without causing irritation
  • Created with a blend of organic essential oils to leave your hair smelling refreshed and revived (Never any synthetic fragrances) 


Can’t decide between our two application methods? 

Tin & Brush - 

-Allows for more precise application (good for “spot cleaning” applications

-Easily allows you to apply a heavier dose if desired

Aerosol free pump bottle- 

-Most like a traditional dry shampoo application without the toxic propellants

-Quick and easy applications

How does this work different than typical aerosol dry shampoos?

Traditional dry shampoos work by depositing alcohol, butane, propane along with other harmful ingredients that strip your hair of its natural oils, causing damage, color fade, and breakage.

Our non-toxic formula works differently by absorbing your natural oils while using lightweight clays to help detoxify your scalp and hair, leaving it fresh, healthy, and best of all, it actually feels clean!

"I will NEVER go back to my old dry shampoo. This extends the life of my hair after a wash up to 6 days. Which considering how often I work out, in absolutely unbelievable. I love this business and the family behind it."
-Erin T
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