Tips & Tricks

Dry shampoo to the rescue

Why go waterless? Daily shampooing not only strips your hair of natural oils that help protect and strengthen your pretty locks, but also creates overactive "oil glands". The best way to train your hair into not needing a daily dose of splash pad time is by using dry shampoo. Unlike most dry shampoos that may or may not soak up the oils, but deposit more harm than good, our dry shampoo will absorb the oils and then leave you with cleaner than clean hair. 

For best results

-Allow the dry shampoo to sit for a few minutes. Product may appear white at first, as it sits, it will absorb the oil and become less noticeable. 

-Use the included bamboo brush like an agitator to work the powder in to the more oily spots.

-Brush it out, or grab the blowdryer.

-Store your powder in a cool dry place. Excess moisture in the air will cause it to clump. Too late? Thats okay, using the hard end of your brush, smooth powder out before applying. 

Care for your brush

-Don't forget to clean your brush with a gentle detergent. I like to use dawn soap, rinsing well with warm water and allowing to air dry over night. 

-Remove any excess powder before storing.