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Cleaner-Than-Clean Dry ShampooCleaner-Than-Clean Dry Shampoo
Cleaner-Than-Clean Dry Shampoo Sale priceFrom $25.00
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Texture + Volume Dry ShampooTexture + Volume Dry Shampoo
Texture + Volume Dry Shampoo Sale priceFrom $25.00
Dry Shampoo Sample SetDry Shampoo Sample Set
Dry Shampoo Sample Set Sale price$21.00
Shampoo Bar (Restorative- Dry, Damaged, Daily washers)Shampoo Bar (Restorative- Dry, Damaged, Daily washers)
Conditioner Bar
Conditioner Bar Sale price$14.00
Travel Shampoo Bar HolderTravel Shampoo Bar Holder
Restorative Shampoo (For Dry/Color Treated Hair)Restorative Shampoo (For Dry/Color Treated Hair)
Restorative Conditioner (For Dry/Color Treated Hair)Restorative Conditioner (For Dry/Color Treated Hair)
Clarifying Shampoo (For Oily/Itchy Scalp)Clarifying Shampoo (For Oily/Itchy Scalp)
Clarifying ConditionerClarifying Conditioner
Clarifying Conditioner Sale priceFrom $22.00
NEW- Daily Cleanser Shampoo (For All Hair Types)NEW- Daily Cleanser Shampoo (For All Hair Types)
NEW- Daily Conditioner (For Daily Washers)
Bella Balm (The Everything Balm For Hair and Body)
Prime + Protect (Hair Primer & Detangler)Prime + Protect (Hair Primer & Detangler)
Hair Spray (Alcohol-Free)
Hair Spray (Alcohol-Free) Sale price$24.00
Reparative Hair OilReparative Hair Oil
Reparative Hair Oil Sale priceFrom $28.00
Scalp Repair Serum (Itchy Scalp + Hair Loss)Scalp Repair Serum (Itchy Scalp + Hair Loss)
Beauty Queen (Volume Boosting Finishing Powder)Beauty Queen (Volume Boosting Finishing Powder)
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NEW- Sample Haircare Bundle DealNEW- Sample Haircare Bundle Deal
NEW- Sample Haircare Bundle Deal Sale price$49.99 Regular price$59.00
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NEW- XL Microfiber Hair TowelNEW- XL Microfiber Hair Towel
NEW- XL Microfiber Hair Towel Sale price$19.99 Regular price$21.00
Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Holder
Bamboo + Boar Bristle Brush (4 options)Bamboo + Boar Bristle Brush (4 options)
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Eco Wet BrushEco Wet Brush
Eco Wet Brush Sale price$14.00
Bamboo combBamboo comb
Bamboo comb Sale price$7.99