The Sleepy Baby Whisperer: Our Top Tips for Helping Your Little One Snooze

The Sleepy Baby Whisperer: Our Top Tips for Helping Your Little One Snooze

After bringing a new baby home there are two main things on a mom’s mind: when does baby eat next and how to get baby to sleep! Sleep deprivation during the first months (or year in some cases) of baby’s life is incredibly challenging.

With eight “babies” between the Bella Hue team, we know a thing or two about improving sleep for baby, which in turn improves sleep for mom.

Here are some of our best tips: 

Baby massage

What better way to help baby wind down than giving them a gentle massage before bed. We suggest using a clean, pure, body oil. Start by warming the body oil in your hands. Gently apply pressure to baby’s hands, feet, arms, legs and back. If baby is suffering from constipation try massaging their tummy in a clockwise rotation as well as bicycling their legs.

To finish the massage, apply one spray of Magnesium to the soles of their feet. Magnesium is a safe and natural way to help to relax the body and mind.

Not only is baby massage a great way for mom and baby to bond, but it also offers baby some much needed sensory input to help calm their nervous systems.

Create a peaceful environment

  1. Keep it dark in the nursery by using blackout shades or curtains. This can really make a difference in baby’s sleep especially during naps. Also, use dimmable lamps to keep the light as low as possible when changing or feeding in the middle of the night.
  2. Set the temperature to be cool, but comfortable, to ensure deep sleep for baby. Ideally, you’ll want their nursery somewhere between 68 to 72 degrees.
  3. Use a white noise machine to block out barking dogs, ringing doorbells, and rambunctious siblings. The soothing hum of a white noise machine will likely remind baby of the sweet sounds heard in utero, like mom’s heartbeat.

Create a bedtime routine and be consistent.

Much like adults, babies are creatures of habit and learn routines quicker than you may think. Consistency in their nightly routine can help create a predictable and secure sleep environment for baby. For example, a nighttime routine for an infant can look something like this: a relaxing bath, diaper, pjs, swaddle, book, dim the lights, turn on white noise machine, rock, and down for bed. Before you know it, baby will start picking up on cues that having their pjs on and hearing a book means bedtime is near.

The uninterrupted time between parents and baby during the nightly routine is precious and will create a bond that will hopefully last a lifetime.   

*Note* - when baby isn’t feeling well or you think they are needing extra cuddles, throw the routine out the window! In this case, let baby guide the routine, and enjoy all the extra snuggles. It really does go by so fast and one day you’ll be longing to have a baby fall asleep on you.

These tips are by no means an exhaustive guide on helping baby sleep, but they are a few of our favorites. What other tips would you add to this list? 

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