Heatless Curl Ribbon

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Heatless styles are all in at the moment, but the traditional heatless curl wraps are bulky and often times uncomfortable to sleep in. The Curl Ribbon gives superior curls without the bulkiness left behind.

How to-

  1. Lightly spritz your damp or dry hair with Prime + Protect or our Hairspray (for extra hold)
  2. Secure wrap to the top of your head with clip.
  3. Starting in small sections (as if you were taking a piece to curl with an iron, wrap around ribbon directing away from the face. 
  4. Continue taking sections until all hair is wrapped around ribbon. Secure with a hair tie and repeat on other side. 
  5. Once done, criss cross the to end behind your head and back up to the top, securing with a knot. 
  6. Once hair is dry, remove ribbon and use wide tooth comb to separate curls


Care- Hand wash  and allow to air-dry.