Extra Volume Collection

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Dry Shampoo: Tin & Brush

Move over beauty queen, you ain't got nothing on this volume. From flat to fabulous in under 2, this collection was made for you. From our clarifying shampoo that helps give weightless volume, to our major root booster, beauty queen, you won't be disappointed in this collection.

This bundle includes:

Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner- Leaves your hair feeling light and fresh while helping extend the life of your style and time between washes. 

Texture + Volume Dry Shampoo- If you love the texture a typical dry shampoo leaves behind, but want to ditch the harmful effects aerosol dry shampoos have on your locks, this one's for you!

Beauty Queen Texture Powder- Beauty Queen texture powder is the perfect finishing product to any hairstyle, adding instant volume with just one puff from our aerosol-free bottle.

Hairspray (alcohol-free)- Get the hold without the damaging effects of alcohol and silicones. Perfect for keeping your curls in place or using as a root booster on wet hair before styling. 

Restore + Repair Mask-Rich in protein, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, this mask will soothe your scalp while adding shine and luster back into your locks. 

Pure + Simple