Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub (Seasonal)

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Transform your shower into a self-care sanctuary with our new Warm Vanilla Sugar Scrub. Handcrafted using pure ingredients such as organic sugar cane, Himalayan salt, and the rich scent of vanilla. Your skin with will be left feeling silky smooth and your mind will be calmed. 

Key Benefits:

  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • No oily or greasy mess left behind.
  • Made with natural exfoliates that help smooth your skin.
  • No synthetic fragrances.

    *Packed in glass container with bamboo screw top lid + bamboo applicator spoon

    Pure + Simple


    Organic Sugar
    Himalayan salt
    Btms 25
    Cetyl Alcohol
    Hemp Seed Oil
    Pure Vanilla Absolute