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*NEW* Seasonal Scent Home & Body Aromatherapy Spray

Fill your home full of the rich and invigorating scent of fall without all the toxins. Our blend of organic essential oils leaves a warm, long lasting scent of cinnamon, cedar wood, rosemary and sweet orange. 

Our Aromatherapy Spray is packaged in a non aerosol  4 oz glass fine mist spray bottle. 

How to- Mist in air, on fabrics, cars, hair & body for a quick refresh. Be sure to test on light color fabrics before applying 

Wool dryer balls- Apply 2 spritz per ball to help naturally fragrance laundry.

Ingredients- Distilled water, grain alcohol, which hazel, organic blend of essential oils including (Cinnamon, cedar wood, rosemary and sweet orange)


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