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Bella Satin Sleeper Scrunchie by Willow Crowns

We are excited to have partnered with the girls over at Willow Crowns to come up with the perfect sleeper scrunchie. Designed with premium satin material and a no crease nylon tie, giving you a secure hold while leaving no crease the next morning. 

What makes these different than a traditional scrunchie? Cotton and other materials absorb moisture out of your hair, leaving it dry and creased. Using our premium satin material, you are able to get a firm hold without compromising the health of your hair. Traditional hair ties often times cause breakage and excess tension on the scalp leading to hair loss and headaches. Our handcrafted scrunchies were designed with the busy mom in mind who wants to keep her style fresh for just a few days longer! 

We offer 2 different size scrunchies, both giving the same results!

Willow Crowns is a local Cypress women owned small business who employee over 15 stay at home moms to handcraft the most perfect hair accessories. 

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