NEW Pool Prep

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Size: 8 oz

Step 1 of 3 in our Pool Recovery

Prep and protect your locks this pool season with our new Pool Prep conditioning system. Like a sponge, our hair absorbs the elements it's exposed to. Our unique formula seals your hair with a protective barrier containing vitamins, proteins and water repelling protective oils. 


  • Creates protective barrier on hair
  • Protects against chlorine and salt water damage
  • Protects hair against UV damage
  • Pool PH safe
  • Safe for all ages

How to - Wet hair all over with fresh water before applying our Step 1 Pool Prep. Leave in. Can also be applied to dry hair, but wet hair is less likely to absorb chlorine. 

Follow up with-

Step 2 - Pool Recovery Shampoo - Removes chlorine and salt water while restoring natural PH balance. 

Step 3 - Pool Recovery Leave-In Conditioner - Restores nutrients and protects against sun damage.

Bundle and Save with all 3 steps HERE 

Each bottle contains 8 oz. 

Pure + Simple


Distilled water
Aloe vera Vegetable glycerin
Hydrolized protein
Coconut oil
Cetyl Alcohol Honeyquat Panthenol
Camellia Seed Oil
Lavender Oil
Geogard ECT