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Bella Hue

Bamboo + Boar Body Brush

Bamboo + Boar Body Brush

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Boost beauty, wellness and fight cellulite with the rejuvenating act of dry brushing. The long list of benefits are proven to increase circulation, exfoliate skin, and detoxify through lymphatic drainage. Our Dry Brush handle is made from sustainable bamboo wood and boar bristles.

New to dry brushing? Follow these easy steps for best results:

  • Before showering, starting at your feet, begin brushing in short/gentle upward strokes, always working your way up toward the heart. 
  • Brush in small counterclockwise direction over your belly to help with digestion and promote overall better health. 
  • To finish, using light pressure, brush down toward your underarms to help flush out toxins + improve lymph drainage. 
  • After showering, apply our new Signature Scent Body Oil  to help restore your natural skins luster. 
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