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Top 3 things you may be doing wrong.

Top 3 things you may be doing wrong.

Here are the top 3 things I have found most clients are doing wrong when washing their hair. 


1. Hot water- Nothing feels better than a hot shower after a long day, but is it making your hair harder to handle? Ever notice your rings fit looser in the winter. Rinsing your hair with cold water has the same effect on your hair, causing the cuticle to shrink and become smaller, creating smoother more manageable hair. Don't feel like freezing your buns? I like to tip my head upside down and use a detachable shower head to rinse at the end. 

2. Shampoo & Conditioner- One of the biggest mistakes I see is using too much. Shampoo should just be concentrated at the roots (where the oil build up is) and the conditioner is meant for the ends. Applying shampoo to your ends will dry it out and strip your hair from its natural oils, whereas applying conditioner to your roots will only give you greasy hair. Apply conditioner starting at your ends and move up your head, avoiding the roots. 

3. Dry shampoo- Don't wait to see the oils to use bella hue (cleaner-than-clean) dry shampoo. Get ahead of the curve and apply before you see the oils. Using dry shampoo as a preventative gives you more time before washes. 


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